Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I've been working, not just playing!

Ok, I know... it's been way too long since I brought you up to date about things here at "The Four Country Gals"' little spread. I really do spend a fair amount of time "out and about" with the animals, and my roommates.

With excellent weather this past weekend, we worked to get as much protection up for the horses as possible. Oh, we also spent time in training with both Dakota and Dusty.

I'm working with Dakota, who really believes she's a "pocket pony". While I love her to death, I'm really working to get her out of my personal "hoola hoop" space. It's gonna take a while, since she's a real lover. Together, we're working on "back" as well as "yield your hindquarters" correctly. That means pick up your inside hind foot and cross it over in front of your other hind foot.

Cindy spent some real quality time with Dusty, and lo and behold... She actually got on him.

All by herself, she saddled him, prepared him for weight with the "jump, jump, jump" and lay across his back. He was such a perfect gentleman, she took time out to get Bev and the camera... just in case.

Here's the proof! She's up in the saddle. Looks like she really belongs there, too.

Oh, the chickens... well, they're laying up a storm, to the point that Mom has asked me to post ads for her... Farm Fresh Brown Eggs For Sale as low as $1.75/doz. We're getting anywhere from 8 to 10 eggs a day... more than any of us should eat.

Our sheep are still getting fatter. Sure wish I could tell if they're really pregnant or just getting fat. I'm giving them until October 20 before I turn Algernon (our ram) loose with the ewes. If they aren't preggie now... they will be all winter!

Yesterday afternoon we had our first "disaster" of sorts. The greenhouse blew apart. We had been aware (to the point of filing a claim against the warranty) that we had wind/sun damage to the greenhouse cover.

Earlier this week, we received a replacement cover, which we've not yet installed, as we were busy with the horses, and also waiting for the right time... gotta have little to no wind to install the cover.

Anyhow, yesterday we had a huge windstorm with gusts somewhere around 50. The greenhouse was up when I gathered eggs at 2:30pm and it was down when I went to feed at 4:45pm.

When Bev and Cindy got home, we at least stabilized what we could and laid down both end covers to prevent further damage. I feebly suggested we should maybe move things in case it rained. With a 40% chance of rain, my idea was ignored... not the smartest thing to do.

In about 2 hours, we had a series of hellacious thunderstorms roll through the valley. Lightening took out our new DSL connection for over 3 hours. We got close to a quarter inch of rain... see, I told you so!

Mom checked things over this afternoon and was very relieved to have only lost one small box of "plant food". Everything else that got wet was ok, so there's no dog house visits for any of us today.

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