Friday, October 5, 2007

It's October, and we're expecting SNOW!

Here it is, the first Friday in October, and we have a 50% chance of snow tonight. Needless to say, we've been putting things away, cleaning up the garden area, and adding both manure and mulch to protect the soil.

Yesterday brought high winds and a dust storm. I was out in it, feeding and watering the animals. You could chew the air, it was so gritty. We've had a little wind damage, which we'll repair this evening shortly before dark. The wind is forecasted to lay down a bit, and that will make it easier to put plywood panels back in place on the stable.

Tomorrow, we have to head down to the Beryl Community Center and sign up for our "care and share" boxes tomorrow. Because we're considered "low income", we get a couple of monthly food "drops". Between them and the meals from the Enterprise Senior Center, we're able to keep the food bill to a reasonable level.

Cindy will be out of work in about three weeks, so we really have to wrap up all the projects (at least the ones that cost money). That includes get the farm truck here, purchase one more frost-free hydrant and get both the chicken and sheep hydrants installed, and get the tin for at least the stable, if not the chicken coop.

After that, we'll be limited to simply paying the existing bills and barely keeping our heads above water over the winter. At least Bev will be working all winter and she has gained some extra hours as well as a raise.

Time to return to work on "The Four Country Gals", the book/blog I'm writing about how we all got together, and then got to where we are.

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Posted by Shari Thomas @ 11:07 AM

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